About Bennett Hospitality

Bennett Hospitality, founded in 1983, is a multi-faced full-service real estate and development company, as well as a hospitality and asset management company. It is now one of the largest locally owned development companies in Charleston, South Carolina. Many projects are developed, constructed and managed in this framework and range from award winning resort developments to the redesign and redevelopment of two city blocks, including 7 restaurants, a music hall, a golf course, and over 20 hotels ranging in locations from Charleston to Georgia to Montana. These projects are developed with his small team of devoted and hardworking employees and family.


Michael R. Bennett

Michael Bennett has been in the hospitality business for over forty years, starting in 1977 with “Free Wheelin” on 108 North Market St. renting bicycles and mopeds to visitors. He also worked as a bellman at the Mills House at the same time to help his new business. With his love of the hospitality business, Michael has pursued the industry with great passion and is the owner of Bennett Hospitality. His flagship property, Hotel Bennett, opened in 2019 and has received national and international acclaim and is one of the top 5 hotel openings in the world by Preferred Hotel as well as one of the top new hotels in the world by Conde Nast Traveler.